What is the meaning in life? – let´s take a look


What is the meaning if life? Have you ever asked yourself that question, feeling like a fly caught up in a spider net? the-fly-and-the-spider-1309603-1280x960

I sure have! Many times. When life gets rough and you feel that everything is un fear. When your life gets stuck and you feel there is no one there for you. That´s when the question comes up.

Or, when you work your butt of, just to realize you are not able to pay all your bills this month either. That´s when you scream:

What is the meaning in life!!!

I am not sure if there is just one answer to that question, or maybe there is. But for me, I have had a various of answers to that question during the years. I will not bother you to take part in all of those, but I would love to share my latest answer, that I have found.

What if?

What if it is true what, for instance, Dr. Wayne Dyer said. (One of my heroes in personal development)

He said that we are here to learn. That we have chosen to come here, to exact this place where we are now, with the parents we have, the place on earth we were born. That we have chosen all of  that, so we can learn. That we have some lessons we want to learn to grow our soul and spirit, and to be able to do that, we are exactly where we are…..Right here, right now!  What if ?

What if the people we meet are getting into our lives JUST so we can learn a particular lesson? That the struggle and pain is needed for us to see a certain point of view. Learn a lesson.

I feel I have learned a lot in life. And I would never have been where I am now if it was not for the persons who gave me a hard time.

Now it also turns out that the person who has given me the hardest time in life, is me! No one on earth have said so many bad and negative things to me, than I have. And you know what? I have heard every word of it. Even though is has not been spoken out load. Not good! I am aware of that bad habit now, and have started to change that, and so should you, if you also beat your self up. Not good!

But, back to the question: What is the meaning in life?

I think it is important for each and one of us to find OUR meaning in life. For someone it could be to save the whole world, and for another one is is to save a cat. But you have to find what gives you meaning in life. The thing you are passion about. I think that´s where you find your meaning.

I will probably cover more content from Dr. Wayne Dyer later, and if you haven´t heard of him, or readExcusesBeGone any of his books, I would definitely recommend “Excuses Be Gone”. A book who will take away any excuse you have been giving yourself in life. I had many, and still cling to some. It is not so nice all the time to be 100 % responsible to your own life. Things seems a bit easier with an excuse… But it is not!

To find the meaning in life is totally up to you, and there is not an excuse in the world for you not to do so!

My meaning in life is to reach out a hand to anyone who think I can motivate them to follow their dream and also to inspire them through my singing and performances.

Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice. – Wayne Dyer

So, brush the spider net off of your shoulders and FLY high!

Find your meaning, and let go of any excuse not to go for it!

Feel free to give me feedback and comments below. It is highly appreciated.

Live, Laugh, Love

Linda 🙂

Ps. Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away two weeks ago, on the 30th of August 2015, in his home in Maui. I am so sorry I never got the chance ( or prioritized the time) to go to one of his seminars and meet him in own person. Reminded me of not to put to many things obj the later-list. Cause that later may not come…

Millions are missing this lovely soul here on earth.

Blessings! <3



  1. Hello,
    I really like this website and I was reading your post about “What is the meaning in life” and I must say, it was amazing. I personally believe that we have choose everything before we were born onto this planet. I believe that we’re here to learn lessons which we didn’t learn or understand in previous lives and that we’ll be coming back here until we understand.
    Really interesting website, will be coming back!
    Thank you.

    • Hi, Lukas. Yes, it is an interesting way of seeing what life is all about. For me everything suddenly made sense. Things was falling into place when I looked at life this way. All the best to you too, and welcome back!
      Live, Laugh, Love
      Linda 🙂

  2. great job I’m touch while reading it.
    I believe our life always have a story to tell and lesson to learn from yesterday. we always remember that tomorrow is not a promise.

    have a good time 😉

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