What is a coach for? – Inspiration?


About LindaOr to show you how to be successful in life?

How would you like to have someone who can inspire you?

Someone who can make you go further than you usually manage to go all by your self?

A person who helps us see Your potential?

My experince with a coach

I have had a coach from time to time in my life and it is always when I have a coach that I achieve more than being on my own. When I have had someone to inspire me, make me responsible for my own plans, and to help me to have progress. It is when I have a person who manage to ask the right questions, so I can find strength and my inner passion to go forth with my plans, that are the best times in my business. Always!

That is also the times when life is FUN living! The times when I have  seen my best results. When I have had someone who is “pushing” me, and are asking “Have you done what we agreed on doing at the last meeting?” That is when I get things done!

Even though I am a Coach myself, I also need a coach. I also need someone who can push me, ask the questions I do not ask my self. Make me go faster and further.

What is a Coach for?

  • Having a coach can help you get success in life.
  • Having a coach will help you structure your process
  • Having a coach will help you speed up on achieving your goals

I think we all can benefit from having a Coach.

To have a coach in life makes a different to me, and that is what a coach is meant to do. Make a difference! The difference!

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Live, Laugh, Love

Linda 🙂

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If you need something to read on the subject I could recommend this book of Jack Canfield:




  1. Hii Linda,
    Such an awesome post and video.. I agree that having a coach in life could bring out the best of a person..we all have it in ourselves to achieve our dreams it is just that we often need a motivation, support and especially a “push” from someone to take the action.. and a coach fills that gap perfectly.. I remember one of my ideals Bob Proctor’s words on this.. we all need someone to see the greatness inside us..
    Live Laugh, Love!!..(love that)

  2. hi Linda
    I have to admit and I never fully understood what a life coach can do. And now the way I see it is that a coach is a mix between a trainer and a therapist. Pushing you when you are dragging, motivating you and as asking questions to make you reflect. I am still not convinced that I would use the services of a coach but I will keep visiting your site to learn more.

  3. Hi Linda!
    Terrific site you have here. You obviously care a great deal about helping others in life and I think you would be very motivating and inspiring to anyone in need of a lifecoach. You have an open and honest demeanour, which I think is vital to this line of work 🙂

  4. This post really has all the information and facts I needed concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.
    Thanks a lot for this post about having a coach to help us in our goals.

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