What about near death experiences?


Tired of small talk?

I am!

  So, today I want to write about some big questions.

Last week I saw some very interresting videos on YouTube.

They were about near death experiences.

I actually sat for hours watching one movie after another about the topic. And hearing people tell about their experiences, but also doctors and spesialists who had studied the topic, and it got me thinking.

What if this is right?

What if we are only here to experience something we wanted to experience before arriving here?

What if being here is the bad part, not being dead? That is when we go home again. Like going to kindergarten for the first time. Crying because mum and dad left us. Then happy, when they pick us up in the afternoon. Allowed to go home again. Safe with mum and dad.

Just to make this clear, I do NOT encourrage someone to go home NOW. After all my studying I have done on the topic earlier, and after all this videos, I think we have desided to come here to grow and get experiences we kind of “lack” or would like to do. But if you think things are getting to difficult and want to take the shortcut and go back home again before your return ticket is valid, I think you just have to do the “get born and experience what it was you should experience” all over again. So, 

1: No point in ending your own life.

2: We have nothing to lose. Go live your life with joy and have FUN. Thats what it is all about. You can not fail! (That is easier said than done)

3: Live every moment. You do NOT know how much sand you decided to put in your time glass before arriving. So, use your time wisely.

The more I  read and study I get very sertain that we are all one, connected to each other. To nature, to God. We are all one!

If you would like to see one YouTube-video that thouched me, than see this one, and please, make a comment about what you think of it afterwards.

Near Death Experiences

SO, remember:

Live, Laugh, Love – every day!



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