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You write on your own book of life. Everyday!

Each and every day you wake up with a white, new sheet of paper by your side. You start writing on this page as soon as you open your eyes. Every day. One page. But, what are you writing?

Is it of importance?

Is it YOU?

Is it what you want your kids to read after you have left?

What is your book of life?

Lately I have started to think about how I write my own book of life. I think we all write our own books. Maybe not latterly, all of us,  but we do, somehow, write our books of life. Every day a new sheet. One more page in the book of life. Our book of life.

But, how will my book look in the end?

Just garbage or a fabulous novel?

When I start a new day, I should carefully open my eyes, looking that I am still here, and then say out laud: “YES! I got one more page to write! ! ! Today I will write a really good page! Lucky me!”No, the truth is, when I wake up, I am not even aware that I have got a new page. A page for me to fill out. Not to put into the copy machine. But to a page where I can write new adventures on.


How thick will your book of life become?

No one knows cause we only see the pages that we already have written.  But if you look at how we live our lives it seams like most of us we are still writing on the foreword. Never starting to write the novel!

Do not wait!

My advice is,

  • do not wait! you do not know how many pages you have left.
  • Start writing the exciting chapters in your book of life today.
  • Write new content! stop copying the pages that you have already written.
  • If you only had 25 pages left to write, what would you write on them?
  • Find out howwould you like your story to be?


We go through life, thinking we are going to have at least 10000 pages to write. Like we could write forever. And we even think our readers LOVE to read the same page over and over again. With just a few small changes. Well, they don´t! It is boring to write and it is boring to read!

Just like you, they love books that are filled with love, life, laughter, excitement and passion. Books that can make them feel good. Books where you do not know how they will end, until you are at the last page. Books that keeps you up almost all night, cause they are so exciting you can not put them aside. That is the kind of book you want to write! SO, go ahead! Write it!

Write your exciting book of life!


Start tonight. When you go to bed, write down the most important things you did today, that was worthy being in you book of life.

Are you ready to start writing your book of life, filled with exciting stories?

Please leave a comment. It is, as always, highly appreciated!

Remeber, life is to short to be boring.

Live, Laugh, Love

Linda 🙂


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