Are you a victim?


How to get out of the victim-zone.

Today I want to tell you about a strange thing that changed my life. That happened the day I understood that I was a victim!

I was a victim in my own life. I had lived for decades, as a victim. (And I still do, when I am not to conscious about it.) Cause it is SO easy to fall into that trap. And stay there.

I must also say I have lived a good life so I am not talking being a victim for a big crime, but more being a selfmade victim. And there are so many of us.

We are often victims for the smaller issues in life, like having to do the dishes or get up first with the kids every Sunday.

If things like this makes us a victim, I am sure we really become victims if we get sick og have an accident.

It is all about attitude

george-1378997-1278x937How do you deal with things that are showing up in your life?

I have talked with people, and read a lot about people, who have made a huge shift in their lives. Do you know when that shift often has occurred?

After being at the bottom!

When people have nothing more to loose they dare to take chances. They often see what really matters in life. What is the major things to talk about?

Where is your focus?

Well, maybe things showes up because you wanted them to show up?

WHAT! Are you saying I ordered cancer???

I´m not sure. But, what if?

What in that situation have made you learned a lesson you wanted to learn?


Now we come into the big questions in life:

  • Who are we?
  • Why are we here?
  • When are we going to leave?

I will cover that later 🙂


But, the thing is, I had to come a bit down the ladder to understand that this life is MY responsibility! No one else.

When I realized that, I made a shift. But, still it took me years to figure out that even though I was trying to take responsibility for my own life, I was still a victim in many cases.

The High Flying Disc

Have you seen the intervju between Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks / Abraham?

It is called “Co-Creation at its Best”. If not, go get it right away !  It is just AWESOME!

hello-1485754There they talk about getting on”The High Flying Disc”. Meaning, get up where you are in a good vibration. Where you feel good! It is your responsibility to be there. You owe it to yourself, to your kids and family and everyone around you.

If you are not on a”The High Flying Disc” how can you learn your kids to be there?

And don´t you want the best for your kids?




We all want our kids to have the best in life. But how are they going to get there if we do not take responsebility and get there ourself first? We have to lead by excample. Kids are really good at getting this with “The High Flying Disc”. They see it right away. Explain a 4 or 6 years old the law of attraction, and they get it instantly. But, we are afraid to tell them about it, because we do not find it so easy to belive, do we?

Well, one thing is for sure.

If you are feeling good, more good will come your way.


laughing-fairy-1529893-1599x1200If you talk negative about others, you will assume other do the same. It will give you a bad feeling. Bad feelings will not get you on”The High Flying Disc”.

If you are a victim you are also far away from “The High Flying Disc”.
So, take responsebility. Get out of your victim zone. If you are living in a unhealthy relationship, get out! If you are having kids, and are in a unhealthy relationship GET OUT!!! Think about what you teach your children.

If they learn that even if life is miserable, you stay where you are, is that what your want  your kids to do?

Take whatever that comes your way. Be a victim. Or take responsibility for your own life, and get out!

To put it this way: If you are in an unhealthy relationship, what advice would you give your best friend in a similar situation? Or your daugher?

You can NEVER be a victim unless you decide to be one.

And you can NEVER be a victim being on “The High Flying Disc”

You can be in charge of your life at ALL time. You have choices! You can pick the feeling that suits you. Even if the surroundings are not good, it is still your attitude who will determine how to deal with it. Ask people who have been prisoners under a war.

So, if we are prisoners during war, or selfmade prisoners in our own life, we have to take responsibility. NEVER feel like a victim. There is always something to learn. There are always new decisions to be made. Just make sure you are in control of your own life. Doing what is best for you. Your life and your thoughts are your responsibility. And so is your attitude.


So, go out there and live fully, laugh loud and love with passion.

Love yourself and take action for a good life! You are the one who is in charge! Always!

If you need help along the way, do not hesitate to contact me.

And, please leave a comment. I love that ! 🙂

Live, Laugh, Love

Linda 🙂

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  1. Quiet the inspirational piece. It’s a great thing when we take charge of our own life and own our responsibility and circumstances. We need to in order to feel good about ourselves and stop seeing ourselves as victims.

    Nice post

  2. Hi Linda, thanks for sharing this here, you have come a long way. Once you have started a life of your own, you have to be prepared for reactions to the different you ( like with cosmetic surgery of your looks). I think I was born to not be a victim of my life ever, as I always did the things that fit me best. But some people will see you as not part of the group, stubborn, hard-headed etc. The problem here is that not everyone sees that by birth we differ from each other and we need to accept that. If we do that then we can be more tolerable towards other people.
    As to the big questions in our lives: totally forget about them, because nobody will be able to give you the answers, ever! This is what Buddhism will teach you. Cheers, Jerry

    • Thanks a lot, for your comment Jerry.
      Yes, maybe the big questions are not so important. Many people talk about “after life experience”. But forget to have an “in life experience”.
      All the best!
      Live, Laugh, Love
      Linda 🙂

  3. As a society we are too quick to blame outside forces for our lot in life. I have always preached to my kids to take responsibility and be accountable for all decisions you make in life. When you screw up, own it. Or sometimes I say “Own your shit” Thanks for this!

    • Yes, we are all responsible and it is important to learn that at a early stage, I think 🙂
      I have two daughters and I let them decide very much. But I give them options.
      “Ok, sure you can go without a jacket. That is the best thing to do if you want a running nose.”
      -“But I do not want a running nose!”
      “Oh, you don´t? Well, then you have to wear a jacket.”
      Take care!
      Live, Laugh, Love
      Linda 🙂

  4. Hi Linda,
    Life is very difficult and there is no manual to refer to. Sometimes we much reach rock bottom to really see where we need to improve ourselves. Making big changes in our lives is not an easy thing because we are entering the unknown. As a child, we are more willing to try new things and are not as skeptical as adults. Unfortunately life throws you curveballs all the time and we must deal with them in an intelligent way. I have seen the movie called, “The Secret”, which speaks of the law of attraction. It really changed the way I look at things and helped me become a better person. I will watch it anytime I feel as if my life is taking a wrong turn. I feel you have the opportunity to help a LOT of people with your site as we all have issues to deal with. best of luck to you.
    P.S. Cute cat!

    • Hi, Jim
      -and thanks a lot for your lovely comment.
      Yes, I have also been watching the Secret. I first saw it 8 or 9 years ago.
      But I would really recommend the DVD with Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks. “Co-Creating at its best!”
      It is sure a eye-opener!
      All the best!
      Live, Laugh, Love
      Linda 🙂

  5. Responsibility = response-ability. If I have too much garbage in my mind then it tends to produce noise in my mind. Hence I become ineffective.

    You hit the proverbial nail on the with this article. Nice!


  6. Katie

    One thing I have never gotten into is to see myself as a victim no matter what, for once we start this we cannot grow or move forward in life.

    We need to see the value of who we are and what we are looking for in life and how we set about achieving this in a honest way

  7. Hi Linda
    I enjoyed your article very much and you are so correct that we are all responsible for our own lives and happiness. Many people suffer because they expect good things to happen TO them but they dont realise the power to change is in their own hands. We create our own reality so if we constantly think of negative outcomes – that is exactly what we get!! Live love laugh – a recipe for happiness… 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your comment.
      Yes, it is so important to make it our first priority to feel good, be grateful and by that, live a happy life. On a “high flying disc” .
      Yes, I try to live after those words.
      Live,Laugh, Love
      Linda 🙂

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