About me

Hi, my name is Linda.About Linda

I am a singer and actress from Norway.

Besides being an artist, I am also trained to be an Inspirational Coach. I am a  passionate believer in that every person should follow their dream. We are all born with unique skills, and I think we all would live better lives if we dare to use them and follow the dream which follows those skills.

Imagine a world where everyone could live their passion everyday….. Where would that lead us?

– think of that for a moment…

My own journey

In a period of my life I was not living my passion. I thought that now the time had come to work in an ordinary job, making money and stay away from my passion for singing and actin -and the low income. You know, being an artist isn´t always well paid on this planet. 🙂

Well, it went well for a little while, but then there was this urge inside. This voice inside telling me, this is not enough. I felt this need to do something more. Something that my soul longed for. Making money in the ordinary sales business was not what made my soul sing.

I started to ask my self these kind of questions:

“Is this all there is?”

“What is the secret in life?

“Who is responsible for me, having a good life?”

After a while I found the answer to the last question:

“Who is responsible for me, having a good life?”

I am….. – are you sure? ?? – Yes, I AM!!!”

Oh, sh..t!

That was a tough experience!

If I was the one who was responsible for my life, then I could easily tell that I had NOT done a very good job in making it a good life. If I was responsible for my own life then WHY did I stay in this unhealthy relationship? Why did I not follow my passion? Why was I waking up every morning not satisfied with who I had become?

  Then I remembered these words that a wise man once said to me:

“You either love the life you live, or you have to live a life you love.”

That got me out of bed!

Ready to take action and to be responsible for my own life. And now I wanted to make sure that it would be a good life. A life on the path to a dream. My dream! A life with passion!

My dream is that every soul on Planet Earth follows their dream

And if I can do anything with my performances, singing, acting and coaching, to influent as many as possible to do that, that will be a dream come true!

I hope I can offer help and inspiration to you, so you can live your dream. Give  you inspirational advise and coaching, so you will continue following your dream and NEVER give up on it.

I hope from the bottom of my heart that you will benefit from my site, and that I can give you inspiration  and advise that can help you!

Cause, we are worth it! 😉

And so are the people around us!

My inspirational leaders

I have come a long way on this journey to my dream thanks to great inspirational leaders like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Neal Donald Walsh and Bob Proctor, among others. I will cover them in posts to come. So stay tuned.

My life today

Today I live a rich life on a lovely organic farm on the western coast of Norway, with my fantastic spouse and our two lovely daughters. It is an “Artist farm”, where we present my spouses chainsaw art, my performances and different types of gatherings. We also offer accommodation. So if you are in the area, send me a note! We also have highland cattle, horses, sheep, three dogs and a cat. I perform, sing, act and write about the importance to follow the dream and are reaching secondary goals every month on my path to reach my dream.

I am SO grateful that I took the time to listen to my inner voice and that I now dare to follow my dream!

“When is the right time to follow your dream, if not NOW?” 

Live, Laugh, Love

– Linda

Founder of “What is the secret in life?”

(Here you can see me perform on the Norwegian Television, NRK1)