Do you want to Follow Your Dream?


“When is the right time to follow your Dream,

if not now?”
Which voice do you listen to-

Are you going to start living your dream now,

…….or some other time?

Some other TIME??!!

How many days, months and years do you think you have? We all seem to think we are going to live forever. Some other time… Well, do you know how many blank sheets you have left to write “the Book of Your Life”. Each day lived is one less to live…. And one day, caboom….. gone. Can you really tell yourself (and your kids) that you lived fully? That you loved yourself and the people around you? And that you really feel you did your best in living your dream?

Time goes by so quickly. And we constantly just have time managing to survive. How about living. I mean really living?

We all have this urge inside. The longing to fulfill our Souls desire. But, how can I find time to start following my dream? And WHAT is my Dream? Many people live their lives knowing that “this is not what I came here for”, but WHAT is it?

Your Purpose

Sit down. Stop whatever you are doing at this moment. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Three times. and than start to think about what you loved to do as a Kid. And what gets you excited today? And than find piece of paper and write down the answer to this question:

“What would my life look like if I had $20 millions?”

  • With whom would I be?
  • What would I wear?
  • What car would I drive?
  • Where would I live ?
  • and How would my ordinary days look like ?

This will give you some hint on your Dream and purpose.

So write it down and start thinking some thoughts about it. Magical things can happen. <3

More to come!




  1. It will be nice to have a lot of money and live your dreams, they say money isn’t everything but if I had 20 million bucks I would live off the interest and retire early spend time with the family.

    • Linda

      Thanks for your comment! Yes, money is alway great, but I have always said, if I can not be happy with little, I will not be happy with a lot. But, off course, it can be better to cry in a Jaguar then on the bus… ;_)
      I also think if you stick to your passion and keep a positive attitude, money will come to you as a fuse of that. Go for the passion, and the money will come. It seldom work the other way around, I think.
      All the best, Linda :-)

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